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I took this picture at the beach while standing next to the Santa Monica Pier with my iPhone camera.  I remember it being slightly overcast that day.  I used a couple of filters on my phone to process and create the black and white image.  I like the composition as well as the feeling the picture emotes.

beach santa monica pier black and white overcast cloudy

© Brandon Peters Photography


Here’s a landscape picture I shot in Malibu at a home overlooking the ocean.  The sunsets you can see from here are amazing.  I boosted my vibrancy settings to really bring out all the amazing colors.  It was an amazing place to be away from all the city noise.  At night there were clear skies and you could see all the stars.  I definitely wouldn’t mind living in a place like this in the future!

I shot this picture with my Canon 1-DX and a 24mm lens.  My shutter speed was set at 1/100th of a sec with the f-stop set to it’s widest aperture setting of 1.2.  My ISO was 320.

landscapes malibu sunset ocean

© Brandon Peters Photography 2012


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